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Number One For Custom Garage Door Installation in Canyon Day, AZ

Interested in custom-made built garage doors? The most dedicated custom garage door service in the Canyon Day location is Customized Garage Doors Our team of professionals can install doors of wood, glass, steel, copper, and aluminum to give your home a more modern look that can raise property value by tenfold. We want to make sure everything is correctly down to the last detail and will consult with you on how to install a new garage door in style that meets your specifications. When you purchase a new garage door from Custom Garage Doors you will receive the following:

  • A new, durable garage door that guarantees long-lasting performance
  • Increased home value due to more attractive home
  • Improved home exterior
  • Garage protection to keep out any intruders
  • Preservation of personal belongings stored in garage
  • Quick, same-day installation

We Specialize In Building Custom Garage Doors Using A Variety Of Materials
Copper, Glass, Wood, Steel, & Aluminum

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Faux Wood Garage Doors

A faux wood garage door can be as beautiful as wooden garage doors. The important thing to consider is finding the right garage door service provider.

Copper Garage Doors

A copper garage door is well-known for its distinctive look and the patina over time that gives it that one-in-a-kind and truly unique aesthetics. The beauty of a copper garage door lies in its simplicity and classic look. Copper garage doors that come from Arizona Custom Garage Doors are well known for its high quality and robust materials. So what are you waiting for, get one now.

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custom glass garage doors Canyon Day, AZ

Glass Garage Doors

Customized Garage Doors along with glass garage doors constructs entry doors, entry gates, entry driveways gates, game spaces, living spaces, and even kitchen areas.

A growing number of individuals are starting to make the switch to glass garage doors. These classy glass doors can add natural light while matching a modern appearance. By selecting clear, frosted, or laminated glass, you will have complete control over the quantity of light your garage allows. In Canyon Day, AZ, Custom-made Garage Doors is primary quality of item.

Wood Garage Doors

In Canyon Day, AZ, the very best hand-crafted wooden garage doors come from Custom Garage Doors. Each door is built to purchase. Designers, designers, and homeowners aid Custom-made Garage Doors in developing the most gorgeous wooden garage doors. The look and the value of your home will greatly increase when Customized Garage Doors installs a brand-new wooden garage door.

Custom Garage Doors design professionals will assist you when building a wooden garage door, call at (602)-730-8057. Canyon Day, AZ, home to Custom Garage Doors in-depth and hand crafted wood doors ensures each door has the best quality and styled result. Each door is authentically outlined and hand crafted to guarantee that the result is the best quality and style custom wood garage doors readily available in Canyon Day, AZ.

custom wood garage doors Canyon Day, AZ
custom steel garage doors Canyon Day, AZ

Steel Garage Doors

The least costly garage door material at Custom Garage Doors is steel. Customized Garage Doors steel doors’ sturdiness is the reason why steel doors are the most popular. Garage doors ought to be strong and long lasting, that is why Custom-made Garage Doors most popular material is steel.


Custom Garage Doors provides world class performance and essentially maintenance-free Steel garage doors. To match the rest of your home, be sure to check out our custom steel garage doors.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum doors have aluminum frames and panels made of other materials, such as high-density polyethylene. If you have extra-wide double garage doors, custom-made aluminum garage doors are an excellent choice because of its lightweight material. There are numerous ways that aluminum garage doors can be utilized as, outside garage door, indoor garage door, or as an outdoor patio door to combine indoor and outside areas. Custom-made Garage Doors makes aluminum garage doors for any business that is looking for a beautiful aluminum garage door.

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When You Call Arizona Custom Garage Doors, We GUARANTEE You Three Things:

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Free Estimates

We offer experienced, licensed, fully insured professionals who can install new doors & gates, and replace parts as needed for residential and commercial properties.

Professional Experience

Call us today for a free in-home estimate on repair, maintenance, removal, replacement, or custom designed garage doors and gates just for your home or business.

Outstanding Warranty

For installation of a new garage door, this lifetime limited warranty covers defects in workmanship, for labor furnished by the Custom Garage Door Service.

Call for a Free In-Home Estimate (602)-730-8057

Don’t live in Arizona? Don’t worry we are now offering nationwide shipping of our custom garage doors.  We also work with a network of installers across the nation who will accept delivery of your new door and provide expert installation.