Custom Aluminum Garage Doors

Are you looking for a custom garage door that is a little less expensive but still offers the quality and features that you can get from steel doors? The solution is a custom-made aluminum garage door. Contact Arizona Custom Garage Doors at 602-730-8057 now to get advice on the best type of aluminum garage door.

The main selling point of aluminum garage doors is its affordability. Plus, it is also lightweight and resistant to oxidation or rust. With Arizona Custom Garage Doors, we will even ensure that your garage door is a thing of beauty. We create custom-made aluminum garage doors that are made to complement the look and architectural style of your home. What’s more, we can even add in beautiful accessories such as glass, vinyl, window inserts, etc.

Custom Aluminum Garage Doors

Why should you choose an aluminum garage door?


Aside from a custom aluminum garage door is affordable, there are also various reasons why it’s the best choice for your home:

1. Aluminum garage doors are durable and maintenance-free.

Aluminum garage doors are recommended for homeowners who require doors that do not require a lot of upkeep and will last for a long time. Arizona Custom Garage Doors offer aluminum doors that are made from resilient anodized aluminum. Plus, we can even add in a powder coated finish to ensure that it will not suffer from rust or corrosion, ensuring virtually zero maintenance.

2. The lightweight character of aluminum garage doors is a big plus.

Having a lightweight aluminum garage door is good as it ensures its durability. It puts less stress on your garage door’s torsion springs and your garage door opener. Plus, if there is a power outage, it is easy to operate it manually.

3. An aluminum garage door is energy-efficient.

An aluminum garage door has higher conduction properties as compared to steel. If you add in insulation, it will make it even more energy-efficient.

4. An aluminum garage door can add in to the beauty of your home.

There is no doubt about it. An aluminum garage door can compete with any other material when it comes to beauty and boosting the value of your home. Add in tempered glass panels for extra durability, clear glass for more light transfer or decorative windows and panel designs. We even have various options for aluminum garage door frames for you to choose from.

custom aluminum garage doors

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