Faux Wood Garage Doors

You want the beauty of a custom wood garage door but do not have the budget to splurge? Just call Arizona Custom Garage Doors at 602-730-8057 and we will help you build that beautiful garage door you have been thinking of at the best possible price point.

A faux wood garage door can be as beautiful as wooden garage doors. The important thing to consider is finding the right garage door service provider. Arizona Custom Garage Doors has faux wood materials that mimic the look and feel of wood. We guarantee you its aesthetically pleasing look, warmth and character without necessarily breaking the bank. It will also not require the upkeep needed for wooden garage doors. What’s more, our custom faux wood garage doors are durable, pest and moisture resistant and can definitely withstand temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Our personal guarantee, if it comes from Arizona Custom Garage Doors, it will definitely be high performing.

Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors

Why should you install a faux wood garage door from Arizona Custom Garage Doors?

Phoenix Az custom faux wood garage doors

Here are five important reasons why you should trust us when it comes to installing your faux wood garage door:

1. We offer you the most innovative faux wood garage doors. We have the best engineering solutions to ensure that your faux wood garage door will perform in the same manner as a wood garage door, if not better.

2. Our faux wood materials are made of polymer composites that have realistic definition wood grain, assuring you of the look and feel of an expensive wood garage door without its drawbacks.

3. You will definitely not experience any cracking, splitting, warping and rotting. Our materials are tried and tested against all of these drawbacks. Our doors are also proven to withstand weather conditions including high humidity, desert heat and freezing. Plus, maintenance will be very minimal.

4. When it comes to strength, our faux wood garage doors are superior, being lightweight but with strong cladding. This eliminates possible metal corrosion or water damage.
5. You can be assured that our faux wood garage doors are made of materials that will have little to no impact to the environment. They also have cladding that ensures energy efficiency.

Phoenix AZ Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors

When You Call Arizona Custom Garage Doors, We GUARANTEE You Three Things:

Phoenix AZ Custom Wood Garage Doors

Free Estimates

When you call us, our experienced technicians will be ready to attend to any of your questions and will provide you with professional advice and estimates, all for FREE.

Outstanding Warranty

We are the only garage door service in Arizona who will provide you with manufacturer warranties and service. This is because we value your business and we always ensure customer satisfaction.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

We will always deliver the best and highest quality service. With us, you are assured that your garage door will stand the test of time and will deliver optimum performance.

So what are you waiting for? Let us now start building the garage door that you have been dreaming of.

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